SUS-TER Project Activities

SUS-TER Project Activities

SUS-TER is developed with the support of the European Union – Erasmus + Program, from January 15, 2019 to January 14, 2022. The project activities are organized into nine Work packages:

The project starts with an analysis of the needs and current educational offer and the subsequent identification of the gaps to be filled in terms of knowledge, skills and competences necessary for the activation of sustainable and inclusive processes, aimed at the territorial valorization of cultural heritage, products of origin and biodiversity in the project partner countries.

These activities will be followed by the definition of the Territorial Enhancer profile and the design of the curriculum structure through which the innovative course will be designed. Teaching modules and teaching materials will be prepared and specific training will be given to the teaching staff. At this point, the SUS-TER course will be tested twice at international level. Each test will also include a territorial laboratory, in order to validate its structure, contents and teaching materials.

At the end, the SUS-TER partners will be able to institutionalize the training contents of the SUS-TER course within their educational programs.

The SUS-TER course will represent a heritage for all those working in the framework of rural development based on biocultural resources. The communication and dissemination activities carried out throughout the project will make the results of the project available to all institutions and interested bodies outside the partnership.